Trainer Dimitris: “Data Science and ML: 21st Century Wizardry”

"I have been Data Science and Machine Learning trainer at Aurai for a couple years now. With a background in computer engineering, data science and machine learning got my attention during my studies. ML still holds my interest very tightly. To me, it feels like the wizardry of the 21st century." Read Dimitris full blog below.

What made you decide to join forces with Aurai?

Aurai is the place where I can share my knowledge about things that excite me with people that are eager to learn, and also learn myself new things while getting involved in multiple, wildly different projects. I also feel that Aurai is a great match for me on a more personal level.

What does the Machine Learning training look like?

During the trainings we explore various algorithms for data analysis, and predictive models, and focus on their practical applications. My goal is to make sure that, after the trainings, the junior data scientists have all the tools necessary to tackle all kinds of real world problems.

What is the added value of the Machine Learning training?

In this training I challenge my trainees to fathom the various machine learning algorithms from head to toe. This is very important for the choices they make for future projects, because then they will exactly know what is happening with the data behind the scenes.

What other Data Scientists say about Dimitris:

“He’s an enthusiastic trainer who takes his time to think along with you in solving issues.” 

“Dimitris built up our training from Python basics to neural networks at a fast pace. He let us figure out code so we not only understand it conceptually but also the logic behind it. And when we didn’t manage to figure it out, he was always there to help us (or to talk about XKCD comics, Greek food or the aesthetic quality of plots.”

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