Your future is data-powered

Our professionals push information advancements in organizations by rapidly developing the data skillset of talent. Aurai’s 16-month advanced data (engineer or machine learning) traineeships builds a strong technical foundation for trainees, and in-house-developed training programs are updated and designed to incorporate the industry’s most recent technological developments.

Kickstart your carreer by working for:

Data Engineering

The Aurai data engineering traineeship begins intensively as trainees build a foundation on a variety of courses taught by experts in each field. While establishing this multidisciplinary knowledge network, trainees set up their first server and master techniques for connecting and organizing a database. From there, trainees become adept in cloud environments, learn data pipeline construction, program APIs and discover what possibilities exist when the latest tools and techniques are applied.

Machine Learning Engineering

Our machine learning engineering traineeship targets data scientists with strong algorithmic experience, interested in realizing their machine learning models. This traineeship teaches you how to develop and monitor a machine learning pipeline, and bring it into production – safely and solidly. You will learn the ins and outs of tools such as Spark, Docker, and Kubernetes. At the end of this traineeship, your extensive skillset and tried-and-true models will ensure a lasting impact on your client’s newly data-driven operations.