Aurai Bottle

Aurai. Air Extracted Water.

An entirely new source of bottled water.

Aurai isn’t like any other bottled water. Through our patented,
eco-friendly process, we extract Aurai Water right out of the air.
Sure, it tastes great, but you’ll also feel great knowing that it
came from a truly sustainable source.

Aurai 5-Step Process

Moisture rich air drawn from the atmosphere

Abundant, moisture-rich air is drawn from the atmosphere.

Air is thoroughly cleaned and conditioned

The air is thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

Water is extracted from the air

Water is extracted from the air.

Water is purified and bottled

Water is purified
and bottled.

Fresh clean air returned to atmosphere

The fresh, cleaned air is released back into the atmosphere.

Aurai comes from the air, not the ground.

Whether they call it distilled, vaporized, mineral, or spring—until Aurai, all bottled waters have been taken from regional water systems in your community or someone else’s. Bottled water companies are drawing on aquifers, draining precious ground water reservoirs that can take decades of peak conditions to replenish, even in areas already ravaged by drought.

While bottled water makes up a smaller percentage of the total water that America consumes, our thirst is growing. Now there’s a way for everyone to enjoy bottled water while simultaneously combatting water scarcity, and it’s called Aurai.

Be Sustainable