About Aurai

How was Aurai started?

With decades of experience working for some of the leading global food and beverage brands, the Aurai team has long recognized the need for change in the bottled water industry. After discovering the air extraction process in Indonesia, our founders knew that they had an opportunity to create a truly sustainable bottled water brand. Aurai was born.

Where is Aurai made?

Aurai is produced just outside of Houston, Texas, right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The region is no stranger to water scarcity: A state that is dry at the best of times, the vast majority of Texas has been gripped by drought since 2010. Ironically, the air in this region is dense with moisture, making it an ideal location for the Aurai process.

Will Aurai be available in other regions?

Absolutely, we’re just getting off the ground. Our fundraising and sales initiatives will help us set up plants in other viable regions across the United States and abroad. You can help by choosing Aurai where bottled waters are sold, and by asking your favorite retailers and restaurants to carry Aurai.

Where does the name come from?

Aurai comes from Greek mythology, which describes the Aurai as winged sprites, daughters of the Anemoi, the gods of the four directional winds. The name seemed fitting—like those sprites, Aurai is born of the breezes.

How do I say it?

Good question. We pronounce Aurai as AH-RYE-A, but you’re welcome to say it any way you like.