Leverage the value of your data in a custom data platform.

Optimize your processes using Data Science & AI.

Tech doesn’t make projects work. People do.

Data Platforms

Leverage the value of your data in a custom data platform.

Aurai is your experienced partner for robust data platforms. We assist in the migration to a new platform, the development of a customized solution, and the optimization of an existing one. Our multidisciplinary way of working combines technical expertise with a solid integration with your business operations. We focus on maximizing your data's value, while minimizing costs, and providing sustained support for your long-term objectives. We help you stay at the forefront in a data-driven world.

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What we do

Elevate your data platform with our comprehensive range of specialized services, covering Infrastructure as Code deployments, strategic roadmaps, and many more. Grounded in key disciplines like data engineering and cloud engineering, we’re more than solution providers; we’re your long-term data partner. Our specialized project teams, interim professionals, and advanced data engineering trainees consistently provide the support roles tailored to your specific needs.