Data Science Traineeship

Our data science traineeship emphasizes machine learning and consultancy. We offer our data scientists a wide range of training courses organized by theme - primarily focused on machine learning, but also including consultancy, data visualization, privacy by design and data management. In this way, the trainees build their tool box and data skills to turn customers’ data needs into tailored practical solutions.

Why This Traineeship?

  • Our traineeships are continuously incorporating the latest market developments. We also optimize our newest programs by including experiences from the previous traineeship; each training program is better than the last. You will complete the training adept with the most relevant and technologically advanced skill sets.

  • The traineeship starts with eight weeks of full-time education at our home office. For eight weeks, we immerse you in our world of data expertise with intensive classes and coaching by our team of experienced trainers. The focus on machine learning will ensure that after eight weeks of rigorous training, you will start your first job ahead of the curve and stand out as competent in engineering data into value.

  • A multidisciplinary perspective has never failed us while creating and applying new data solutions. To keep innovation targeted on current infrastructures and issues organizations face, Aurai’s traineeships tackle data challenges through a multidisciplinary approach. Cross-fertilization between data engineers, data scientists and cloud engineers stimulates groups of trainees to grow from each other’s diverse knowledge and skills.

  • You will become an integral part of the Aurai network as you work with peers throughout the entire program. Your journey through data engineering will be shared with other ambitious data mechanics. Your coach will be an experienced data scientist who has trained many professionals of varying levels. You’ll be in good hands. Our Slack channel is open for questions and will help guide you through this exciting process.

Apply Now

Our data science traineeship will prepare you to be optimally deployed in any team at any time – operating at the frontline of the latest data developments. The traineeship accentuates machine learning and consultancy, and emphasizes data visualization, privacy by design and data management. Throughout the traineeship, multidisciplinary collaborating and change management will become second nature to you. Join our traineeship and become adept in translating problems, requirements and wishes into targeted, data-driven solutions for our partners.