• Jelmer van Nuss

    Behind the Scenes: Interview With Trainer Jelmer

    A couple years ago, Jelmer van Nuss joined the Aurai team to provide training to Data Engineers trainees and to help coordinate the content of guest lectors. Read all about Jelmer’s first years experiences at Aurai.

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  • Sylvia Klootwijk

    Discover Your Professional Potential With Trainer Sylvia

    At Aurai, we strive to help trainees grow into their role as professional consultants. To encourage trainees to have to confidence they need to succeed, we help them get into the right headspace for their assignment. We help trainees strengthen their professional capabilities – like expectation management, leadership qualities and fostering work relations that help […]

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  • Robert Westerhuis

    Meet Robert: Bringing Design Thinking to Data-Driven Projects

    I come from an entrepreneurial family so pursuing a business background with a focus on change management was a natural way for my professional and personal worlds to converge. A few years ago, I started exploring various books and examples of Design Thinking. This was also when the Lean Startup and the first contemporary corporate […]

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  • Dimitris Sevastakis

    Trainer Dimitris: “Data Science and ML: 21st Century Wizardry”

    “I have been Data Science and Machine Learning trainer at Aurai for a couple years now. With a background in computer engineering, data science and machine learning got my attention during my studies. ML still holds my interest very tightly. To me, it feels like the wizardry of the 21st century.” Read Dimitris full blog […]

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