• Lars Kieftenburg

    Introducing Aurai’s New Enhanced Data Engineering Program

    Your professional skills and development should align with your specific mission and ambitions. Moreover, it has to fit your busy schedule. Aurai’s regular professional data training programs have been intensive in-person classes and workshops paired with businesses and organizations to create new data solutions. Now we have redesigned our data engineering training program to offer […]

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  • Vanity & Devi
    Aurai Talent Team_Recruitment_Vanity_Devi

    Behind the Scenes: Interview With Our Talent Acquisition Team

    Vanity joined Aurai as a Talent Acquisition Specialist almost five years ago. A couple of years later, Devi joined the team and together hire and select the best talent for Aurai. Read all about Vanity’s and Devi’s journey to and in Talent Acquisition at Aurai and their aspirations for in the future. 

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  • Florian Schroevers
    Florian Schroevers portret

    Deploying DBT to Optimize Aurai’s Data Transformation Workflow

    Aurai Data Engineer Florian knows all too well; if you’re going to engineer data, then your Algebra teacher won’t be the last to require you to show your work: “Large quantities of data need records of processing steps and commands and businesses expect transparent and replicable work. Luckily, DBT, a data transformation workflow program, has […]

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  • David Steenmeijer
    Data Engineering trainees from Aurai

    Analytics Translator David Connects Data Solutions and Business Value

    “These two disciplines, analytics and business, speak very different languages; it is my responsibility to make sure that they understand each other.” Discover how Aurai’s Analytics Translator, David Steenmeijer, enjoys working with the industry’s top data professionals and diverse organizations to solve puzzles that unlock value out of information.

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  • Fokke Dijkstra
    Aurai team members

    How Data Engineers Pave the Way to Data Optimization

    “If you like to optimize workflows, and make sure the process works smoothly, data engineering might be something for you. The skills of a Data Engineer are very transferable and help others. That is the most satisfying for me, honestly,” says Fokke Dijkstra, our Data Engineer. Find out how Fokke is strengthening his toolkit and […]

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  • Levi Pols
    Organizing Complex Data Systems

    Traversing Information Networks by Graph Databases

    Every meal we eat, every website we visit, every like on social media – everything we build is produced by an infrastructure of nonlinear systems or networks that mimic the tangled complexity of nature. Data Science, like the first steps in science, began by categorization: coding by organizing information tables, labels, lists and instructions. Discover […]

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