Analytics Translator David Connects Data Solutions and Business Value

"These two disciplines, analytics and business, speak very different languages; it is my responsibility to make sure that they understand each other.” Discover how Aurai's Analytics Translator, David Steenmeijer, enjoys working with the industry’s top data professionals and diverse organizations to solve puzzles that unlock value out of information.

Fluent in Data Analytics & Business Value

Analytics Translators know which puzzles to solve, every puzzle piece, the picture they create together, and how to communicate that picture into a vision. They are, in a nutshell, linguists fluent in data analytics and business value. Complex data is simplified to produce actionable results driving data solutions with concrete goals. An organizational challenge begins as a business demand, is then translated into a concrete use case, which can be coded, solved, automated, and translated back to clear and actionable recommendations or systems.

Our first Analytics Translator at Aurai, David Steenmeijer, is not just a Data Scientist, but a political scientist, guitar shredder, and expert data detangler; just the eclectic type of hard and soft skilled and creative scientist that fits this role perfectly.

Big Data’s Impact on Equal Opportunity

David’s entire educational background has been explicitly interdisciplinary. After completing his undergraduate studies in the Natural and Social Sciences at University of Amsterdam, he pursued an MSc. in Political Science. During that time, he also studied the life and work of Albert Einstein and completed his thesis on the impact of Big Data on equality of opportunity. It was at this point that data became a passion and a means to ensure technology helps, instead of harms people. To tap into the limitless potential of data solutions, David realized he had to become better versed in the details of analytics and AI.

Developing a “Responsible AI” Approach

To achieve this, he pursued a second Master’s Degree in Data Science and Society at Tilburg University. During that time, he was witnessing AI going rogue in the public sphere. Events such as the Dutch Benefits Affair (Toeslagenaffaire) were proving that the automation of AI was sometimes outpacing the responsible foresight required to mitigate risks, such unfair and debilitating punishments incurred from incorrectly flagging fraud. By acting as a bridge between the analytics and governance, David could manage a “Responsible AI” approach, and make sure AI was more democratic in its benefits and protections to the most people possible.

Analytics Translator David simplifies complex data to produce actionable results driving data engineering with concrete goals.

Where Learning and Expertise Fuel Each Other

With one foot in data science and the other in societal issues, he felt that Aurai would be the best match for him. He was drawn to the ambitious energy, camaraderie and the cutting-edge technical data analytics harnessed to further both business interests as well as social values. As David puts it: “They can set up the complete infrastructure and analytics for a company, while also training people on the job. The multidisciplinary team results in a wealth of knowledge that is shared through the educational component. I saw myself together long term with Aurai because of the learning possibilities inherent in the work”.

Passion for Data Ethics and Interdisciplinary Teamwork

Although he didn’t feel like one of the advanced traineeships was quite the right fit, Stefan, Aurai’s Lead Consultant, recognized David’s passion for data ethics and interdisciplinary teamwork and hired him as Aurai’s first Analytics Translator. As an Analytics Translator he now enjoys working with the industry’s top data professionals and diverse organizations to solve puzzles that unlock value out of information.

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