• Shama Khalil

    ‘Give Yourself a Solid Technical Foundation With Aurai’

    During her bachelor Industrial Design and her master Computer Science, Shama (26) discovered her passion for data, technology, and engineering. After a simple application process, Shama began her Data Engineering traineeship at Aurai. Now, eight weeks later, she reflects: “The traineeship helped me recognize my own value. I’m not just someone who invents and programs […]

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  • Jason van Pelt

    “Aurai Taught Me a Lot of Great Technical Skills”

    Jason (27) was one of Aurai’s first generation of Data Science trainees. “As an Aurai trainee, I could do all sorts of projects at the Chamber of Commerce and the Consumers Association with other companies. The traineeship taught me so much – I developed data and programming skills and learned how to arrive at customer-focused […]

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  • Yaleesa Borgman

    Yaleesa: “My Mission? Shaking Up The IT World”

    Yaleesa’s (28) interest in the wonderful world of machine learning was peaked at the end of her BA in Information Science. Yaleesa: “For my ambitious graduation research, I was looking for an answer to my specific problem and ended up with a supervisor. He convinced me of the unique potential of machine learning. Although I […]

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  • Don de Lange & Sije van der Veen

    Interviewing Data Engineering Trainees Sije & Don

    What drew Sije and Don to the Data Engineering Traineeship? What are the program’s advantages and challenges and why do both trainees wholeheartedly recommend the Aurai traineeship? Read the double interview with trainees Sije and Don below.

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  • Kevin Bowey

    Our Data Engineering Traineeship Inspired Kevin’s Career Switch

    Hi there! I’m Kevin Bowey. Thanks to Aurai’s October 2019 Data Engineering Traineeship, I am currently enjoying working as Lead Data Engineer. You might think to yourself: wow, starting a traineeship at 32? Hell yes! Many of my fellow trainees dove into the world of Big Data during or immediately after their studies. My path […]

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  • Erik de Vries

    ‘Predicting the Future’ with Data Science Trainee Erik

    Hello, I’m Erik! I work at Centraal Boekhuis (CB) as a member of a data science team working towards predicting the future. I focus on Natural Language Processing and making data-driven predictions on a product’s pre-destined performance in the market. When I am not predicting the future, I am growing it: cultivating oyster mushrooms from […]

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