Our Story

It all began just over five years ago. Our CEO Lars Kieftenburg recognized the need for a new generation of data technology experts. Why not train recent graduates in the most current professional data science capacities? He founded Aurai's predecessor Young Mavericks, and was soon joined by COO Frank Venneker. Together, they workshopped and deployed the most recent data technology with our first traineeship programs.

Where We Started

Technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, was moving faster than traditional education could follow; a missing link persisted, a piece for the digital age puzzle. We created a professional eight-week practical curriculum to train recent graduates into competent data scientists. We bridged the gap. All Junior Data Scientists in the first traineeship were hired by our client companies, and the demand to workshop new technology into expertise and practical applications only grew.

Establishing a Network of Experts

As a handful of motivated individuals, we incorporated the newest and most relevant machine learning, data engineering and cloud engineering while the fields advanced. Our network of data experts, solutions and partner organizations led to more complex and in-depth data development and more targeted and advanced services. Aurai emerged to connect the increasingly sophisticated data technology services and top data professionals with organizations ready to make decisions based on immediate information.

Aurai: Our story at a glance

Where We Are Now

Today, Aurai offers data consultancy across many applied data and cloud engineering services including Interim Data Experts, Customized Data Services and Advanced Traineeships. We create your data architecture – from the cloud to your keyboard – through our wide professional network and workshops. We offer the project management required to make more information better synthesized and tailored to reach your specific goals. Our expertise and technology will ensure that your data is powerful.