Managing Data Platforms: The ambitions from Aurai’s Data Engineering Experts

At Aurai, our mission is to transform how organizations harness the power of data.At Aurai we have divided the organization into different pillars. Each pillar is responsible for a part of the organization’s portfolio. Today’s post falls under the Data Platforms pillar and as co-lead of our Data Platforms pillar, I am proud to share our approach to designing and implementing cutting-edge data platforms that drive efficiency and innovation.

What We Do as Leads of Data Platforms: Nik and Don 

Our Data Platforms pillar is dedicated to creating comprehensive data solutions tailored to the unique needs of each organization. Whether it’s developing an entire data ecosystem or enhancing specific components, our services cover:

  • Data Ingestion: Seamlessly integrating data from various sources.
  • Data Staging: Preparing data for analysis with robust staging processes.
  • Data Modeling: Structuring data to enable insightful analytics.
  • Data Serving: Ensuring data is accessible and usable.
  • Data Visualization: Bringing data to life with interactive visualizations.

We also prioritize the growth and development of our internal team members, ensuring they evolve into highly skilled data engineers.

Lead Data Platforms Don en Data Engineer Azad

Our Ambition

At Aurai, we continually strive to enhance our technical expertise in building cloud-based data platforms. Our goal is to deliver optimal data solutions that address our clients’ specific needs and challenges, ensuring they can make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Case Study Don: Empowering Amsterdam with a Modern Data Platform

Lead Data Engineer Don de Lange

In addition to leading the Data Platforms pillar, I am actively involved in the Data Platform project for Gemeente Amsterdam. This platform is designed to support the city’s employees by enhancing their reporting capabilities and promoting transparency.

My Role:

  • Tooling Facilitation: Providing essential tools, such as a powerful processing engine and intuitive reporting software, to streamline data access and analysis.
  • Best Practices Advisory: Guiding data teams on how to efficiently utilize these tools, ensuring they follow industry best practices.

This project not only showcases our technical prowess but also our commitment to making a tangible impact on public sector operations.

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Nik: Optimizing Data Engineering: A Personal Journey in Innovation and Implementation

As the co-lead of the Data Platforms pillar at Aurai, I have the privilege of working on projects that push the boundaries of data engineering and cloud solutions. My role involves not just overseeing the design and implementation of data platforms, but also crafting strategies that drive efficiency and innovation for our clients.

My career as a data professional has been an exciting journey of growth and learning. Starting as a Data Scientist and evolving into a Cloud Solutions Architect at Aurai, I’ve had the opportunity to work on groundbreaking projects and develop a wide range of skills.

Lead Data Platforms and Data Architect Nik

Early Career and Transition

My journey began at PostNL IT Operations through Aurai, where I started as a Data Scientist. This role involved analyzing complex datasets and building predictive models, which laid a strong foundation for my understanding of data.

Moving to Data Analyst/Engineer Roles

Driven by a passion for turning raw data into actionable insights, I transitioned into Data Analyst and Engineer positions. During this phase, I implemented end-to-end data pipelines, managing everything from raw data ingestion to data visualization. These projects spanned both custom solutions and SaaS/PaaS/IaaS tools, allowing me to gain a comprehensive view of the data lifecycle.

Embracing Strategic Roles

After working in data engineering for four years, I found myself increasingly drawn to infrastructure discussions, strategic planning, and execution for data platforms. I was fascinated by budget analysis, resource allocation, and process design. This led me to pursue further training to become a Solutions Architect for data platforms and data analytics.

My Professional Expertise

With a robust background in analytics, data engineering and cloud technologies, I specialize in transforming complex data challenges into streamlined solutions. My expertise includes but is not limited to:

  • Cloud Data Architecture: Designing scalable and secure data architectures in cloud environments.
  • Data Pipeline Design and Development: Building efficient data pipelines for real-time and batch processing.
  • Strategic Planning: Crafting long-term strategies that align technical solutions with business goals.
  • Team Leadership: Leading cross-functional teams to achieve project milestones and foster professional growth.

Recent Project: Azure Data Pipeline for ExactOnline and Databricks

One of the recent projects I led involved the design and implementation of a comprehensive data pipeline using Azure for ExactOnline, integrating with Databricks. This project was an excellent example of my commitment to deliver innovative and effective data solutions.

Project Highlights

  • Objective: To develop a robust and scalable data pipeline that utilizes ExactOnline’s data for more effective analytics.
  • Technology Stack: Leveraged Azure services and Databricks to ensure high performance and flexibility.

My Role:

  1. Strategic Design: I designed a strategy that encompassed both infrastructure and implementation. This involved:
  • Assessing business requirements and translating them into technical specifications.
  • Ensuring the architecture would support scalability and future growth.
  1. Infrastructure Creation: Engineered the pipeline architecture using key Azure components such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, and Azure Storage and Key-Vault. Key aspects included:
  • Developing data ingestion processes that seamlessly integrate ExactOnline tables.
  • Implementing data transformation and processing workflows within Databricks for optimized performance.
  1. Implementation Oversight: Oversaw the entire implementation process, ensuring that each component was correctly integrated and functioning efficiently. This included:
  • Conducting rigorous testing to validate data flows and system performance.
  • Providing ongoing support and optimization to ensure the solution met all performance benchmarks.


  • Enhanced Data Processing: The implementation of the Data Factory pipeline significantly improved the organization’s ability to process and analyze financial data in near real time with CDC.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The solution was designed to scale with the organization’s needs, providing long-term value and adaptability.
  • Client Empowerment: Enabled ExactOnline data to be leveraged for advanced analytics, better decision-making and strategic planning.

Looking Ahead

As I continue my journey at Aurai, my focus remains on driving innovation in data engineering and data platforms but also delivering solutions that empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data. I am committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and bringing that expertise to every project I undertake.

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Data Engineers Azad and Thomas with Lead Data Platforms Nik

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