Making data work better with Data Engineering Trainee Yuki Wu

Venture into the coziest restaurants and cafes across Amsterdam, and you may catch a glimpse of Yuki (24) channeling her inner foodie. Yuki is not only a lover of city life and all its gastronomic varieties, but she is also passionate about data and technology. Read how Aurai's data engineering traineeship kickstarted her career.

Combining knowledge and skills

“My interest in data and technology actually stems from my father’s work in IT. My father introduced me to computer games and online gaming, sparking my interest in web development and website design”, Yuki explains. “A Bachelor study in Artificial Intelligence further deepened my interest in working with data, as I came to recognize the crucial role of data engineering in data-driven decision-making. When I discovered the data engineering traineeship at Aurai, I immediately saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine my academic knowledge and practical skills.”

The primary focus of the data engineering traineeship is to empower young talents with the knowledge and skills essential for a successful career as a data engineer. “The first segment of the program introduced me to essential tools and advanced technologies, like the cloud platform Azure. In addition, I learned how to operate complex data systems, and how to build strong data pipelines to assist organizations in gaining valuable insights.”

Yuki: “The Aurai traineeship provides the perfect opportunity to combine academic knowledge and practical skills”

Professional and personal development

Yuki describes her experience with the traineeship – and the collaboration with the Aurai team members – as “overwhelmingly positive. I felt welcome in the team right away and thoroughly enjoyed the lively atmosphere. I feel at home enough to sing all my favorite songs during a traditional karaoke night after work!”

“My fellow trainees played an important role in my professional and personal development during the traineeship”, Yuki adds. “The majority of the other trainees had completed a Master’s degree, and some of them also had relevant work experience. Having recently finished my Bachelor’s degree, the group challenged me to bring out the best in myself.”

“The traineeship provides a well-rounded program that enhances both my technical and personal skill set,” Yuki reflects.”I acquired the ability to write, for example, API requests and SQL statements. Also, I improved my people skills – presenting myself and handling challenging work situations more effectively. Undoubtedly, these skills contribute to my
professional growth and job prospects.”

Yuki: “I feel at home enough to sing all my favorite songs during a traditional karaoke night after work!”

Preparing for future roles

The Aurai data engineering traineeship commences with an eight-week educational program, featuring a variety of courses taught by experts in the field. The trainees subsequently join Aurai team members in client projects.”One particularly memorable
project centered around Infrastructure as Code (IaC), in which I contributed to the design and implementation of a modular IaC solution to streamline the deployment of data platform clients. I extensively utilized Azure platforms and tools, along with GitHub for version control. The project provided a valuable opportunity to further enhance my skills in infrastructure management and deployment automation.”

Throughout the traineeship, Yuki participated in several Aurai projects. “Each of these projects provided new avenues to improve my teamwork skills, particularly in communication, coordination, and prioritization. Such experiences are incredibly valuable,
preparing me for future roles in data engineering, where collaborative problem-solving and project management are likely to play a significant role.”

Yuki: “Meet my favorite colleagues, Sjors and Shira!”

A positive impact

“The traineeship has provided me with a clear understanding of my role in the data industry”, Yuki concludes. “My ambition is to contribute to the continuous improvement of data management and utilization. Specifically, I am eager to focus on developing improved systems for the seamless storage and movement of data. I believe this would be highly advantageous for organizations seeking to enhance the speed and effectiveness of data driven decision-making. By making data work better for everyone, I envision making a positive impact on both businesses and society.”

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