Introducing Aurai’s New Enhanced Data Engineering Program

Your professional skills and development should align with your specific mission and ambitions. Moreover, it has to fit your busy schedule. Aurai’s regular professional data training programs have been intensive in-person classes and workshops paired with businesses and organizations to create new data solutions. Now we have redesigned our data engineering training program to offer it to individuals, customizing it to their schedules, backgrounds, and professional visions.

An Education Plan Matched To Your Data Engineering Journey

Data professionals enrolled in the enhanced data engineering program master interrelated topics like data storage, ETL, cloud services and DevOps. These subjects are clustered into training modules. Together we take a look at your individual skill set  and create a path through the modules that best fits your needs. You will focus on unfamiliar subjects to fill in the gaps and become a fully capable data engineer.

Aurai’s Enhanced Data Engineering Program’s subjects and structure is adapted to each individual

The training program’s subjects and structure is adapted to each individual; for example, upgrading programming skills and learning data storage fundamentals before applying those skills to cloud services. Some modules may be essential and others can be skipped depending on the education plan.  Each module takes approximately 20 hours and students complete an average of four modules.

An Aurai Training Program Enhanced for the Individual

We’ve found that many data professionals with moderate experience in the field are looking to expand their skill set. With data technology and platforms rapidly developing, all data scientists, analysts and engineers require practice and expertise across many professional data specialties. You’ll  learn data engineering skills that are specific to your individual mission and grow supported by a team. Your training program includes a mentor for weekly guidance and daily support, and companions and colleagues that are following similar tracks and schedules.

We will prepare you to tackle data engineering challenges with a tried toolbox of solutions

Tackle Engineering Challenges

If you have anywhere between one and five years experience in the data field and are ready to develop as a data engineer, this program is for you. Your data background and professional goals shape your training regime. Every data specialist will encounter many data engineering challenges throughout their career. We’ll prepare you to tackle them with a tried toolbox of solutions.

Enhanced Data Engineering Learning Outcomes

This program offers data specialists building blocks to level up their seniority and management potential. You’ll become adept at data engineering by applying the lessons to current business cases and situations. The specific tools and topics depend on your data specialization and many modules come with certifications, such as Azure.

Make your career more rewarding by finding new ways to develop and bigger problems to solve

Join our Enhanced Data Engineering Program

Perhaps your organization has grown and requires data infrastructure to facilitate expansion and efficiency. Maybe you’ve been working as a data specialist for a few years and have missed the guidance of skilled mentors or training that matches your ambitions. We’re making our training program more accessible to working data professionals across industries, purposes and fields, so that you can develop the skills you need on your schedule. Make your career more rewarding by finding new ways to develop and bigger problems to solve.

Are you interested in joining the Enhanced Data Engineering program? Take a look here!