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Interim Data Experts

An interim data expert from Aurai will immediately strengthen your team. Our data tech wizards are experienced, result-oriented, and friendly professionals. We pull from our in-house team of permanent, best-trained employees. They will help you develop ML learning models, data pipelines, set up your cloud and perform advanced analyses.

Expert Support On Hand

Our team consists of seasoned data professionals, equipped with a range of both specialized and interdisciplinary skills. From data architecture to data collection, analysis and algorithmic work – our experts will provide the strategies and solutions your information and organization requires to stay ahead.

  • Aurai is made up of skillful data engineers; data scientists; data architects; analytics translators; and bi-specialists. We determine on a case-by-case basis which of our interim data experts are most suitable to take on the client’s challenge.

  • All our interim data experts have at least two years of professional work experience in their field of expertise. They are trained and supervised by Aurai’s accomplished data veterans – and will make all the difference for your business.

  • As a completely independent data technology organization, we are not affiliated with any data tool or platform. This allows our interim data experts the freedom to customize their approach and toolset to each and every client, ensuring the best possible result for your company.