Training & Development

We customize training programs to develop data professionals competent in the specific skills our clients need. Our partners stay ahead of the AI knowledge curve when their employees are equipped with intensive practical experience in the latest software and technology. Our curriculum bridges the gap between academic data science and the practical technical data expertise needed today.

Fostering Data Technology Experts

We have over five years’ experience training data professionals and partnering them with organizations. It is a system made to adapt to new data technologies, government, non-profit or business goals. Each training program is designed and deployed to give your employees the skills they need to use information to improve operations and reduce costs. Training programs are also open to external data professionals; diversity of expertise helps improve the experience and outcomes of advancing data skill sets for those ready to dive into the future of data technology.

Our Training Courses

  • We develop custom training programs to meet the specific needs of our clients and the nature of their work. Together we make an analysis of the expertise level of the target group and select the most relevant skills. The training programs vary from a one day workshop to weeks of tailored training programs.

  • Is your team ready for more training on specific advanced level topics? We have advanced training courses for data science and engineering teams who look to incorporate the industry’s most recent technology and developments.

  • Data Science for beginners is a master class in which we invite all professionals to develop data science skills. It is aimed at any ambitious individual who would like to understand key data concepts and basic data literacy to help their organizations utilize information to optimize operations and profits. It is a robust combination of theory and practice; by completing the four intensive 3 hour sessions, you will be ready to persuade and utilize data effectively in your professional environment.