Data Architecture & Infrastructure Design

Manually organizing and analyzing data takes work and time. This is why the technologies in data and cloud engineering, architecture are developing so rapidly; organizations can maximize profits and employee's work hours by mechanizing and automating information with interfaces. Aurai builds the data architecture from your vision and goals, together we design a data architecture and infrastructure to make your relevant information accessible and reliable.

What Can You Expect?

Your current data application landscape will go through a SWOT analysis and give us a picture of the current data architecture and infrastructure. We create scenarios from stakeholder input and provide options for new data flows and associated systems. We often adapt specific cloud platforms to the needs of our client to help increase capacity and efficiency. Our short-cycle working method incorporates stakeholder input and feedback continuously and provides broad support and advice throughout the process.

Our data architects and engineers can build your information systems. Our multidisciplinary team helps to integrate those systems to produce results that last.

  • We start by mapping the current structure and the possible shortcomings within the organization’s information management systems and processes. We collect insights into the current situation and turn goals into targets based on a technical analysis and stakeholder interviews. This initial diagnosis helps produce our SWOT analysis.

  • We collect information and context from key users and stakeholders within the organization through a series of workshops. Extensive input from the business is essential for designing the first data flow model based on the MOSCOW principle.

  • Together we determine the path to a new information environment. What are your expectations and requirements? What do we need from you? And of course, when is the data service complete? We mark your unique journey to success collaboratively by creating various milestones together.

  • The result of this collective creative process is a number of scenarios for data systems developments. We help you choose the best options and present them in an advisory report. This report will serve as a guide for the internal analytics team or as the foundation of an implementation process with Aurai.