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We are Aurai – Conductors of change and information mechanics. We engineer your company’s future through simplifying, organizing and automating data. Your time is maximized by receiving the automated knowledge effortlessly and enacting better processes on a foundation of relevant, reliable and durable information.

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  • Susana Jorge

    “Technology Will Determine The Future – And is so Much Fun to Build!”

    When Junior Data Engineer Susana Jorge first joined Aurai’s Data Engineering traineeship in October of 2022, at times she found data science difficult. “But, like with learning any language, if you persist, memorize and practice, you get the hang of it.” And that’s exactly what she did. “This traineeship has guided me towards solutions without […]

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  • David Steenmeijer

    Analytics Translator David Connects Data Solutions and Business Value

    “These two disciplines, analytics and business, speak very different languages; it is my responsibility to make sure that they understand each other.” Discover how Aurai’s Analytics Translator, David Steenmeijer, enjoys working with the industry’s top data professionals and diverse organizations to solve puzzles that unlock value out of information.

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  • Fokke Dijkstra

    How Data Engineers Pave the Way to Data Optimization

    “If you like to optimize workflows, and make sure the process works smoothly, data engineering might be something for you. The skills of a Data Engineer are very transferable and help others. That is the most satisfying for me, honestly,” says Fokke Dijkstra, our Data Engineer. Find out how Fokke is strengthening his toolkit and […]

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