Leverage the value of your data in a custom data platform.

Optimize your processes using Data Science & AI.

Tech doesn’t make projects work. People do.

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Tech doesn’t make projects work. People do.

Data projects don’t start with code but with processes. What's more, data itself holds no intrinsic value; it's people that unlock the true value of data. At Aurai, we specialize in bridging the gap between data and business. We translate complex data projects into clear objectives, making sure that data professionals understand the underlying business problems. By integrating business with data, we significantly improve the success rate of your data projects. We foster a culture that embraces working in a data-driven manner through effective change management.

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What we do

We develop clear data strategies to maximize business value. We translate
milestones into actionable results and facilitate user-adoption. We coordinate the cooperation between data professionals and business stakeholders by scoping and managing projects, and integrating the implementations with the operations. With our strategic and hands-on approach, your projects evolve from proof of concepts to business impact.