Data Pipeline Development

Your business has many demands; data organization should be easy. We take great care in establishing data pipelines at the back-end to keep your information systems running and simplified. Insights are instantaneous and categorized with little maintenance; information is delivered to the end users at the right time and place. The pipelines provide data in real time, streaming or stored in batches in a customized data lake or data warehouse.

What Can You Expect?

Information systems are most efficient when they are collected, developed and maintained into dynamic and robust data pipelines.

  • We are fluent in Azure, AWS and Google cloud; and can switch and be flexible with data pipeline work across all three platforms. We can also deploy our local servers if this is preferable.

  • We can develop data pipelines for streaming data, both in real time and in batches. You determine what is needed in every pipeline and we advise on the best data architecture and infrastructure. Our data engineering team then produces immediate and reliable data pipelines.

  • The right data must be available at all times for every platform user. Aurai creates the platforms to ensure access to key users on the basis of organizational security conditions. We automate as much as possible for convenient and practical use and ensure sustained operational excellence.