Data-Driven Strategy for Fast-Growing Scale-Up

Physee is the innovator of SmartSkin: a system of window coatings and sensors developed to enhance industrial glass for increased energy efficiency in building facades, and to maximize Photosynthetically Available Radiation in greenhouses. A window with this coating can generate clean energy and data through integrated solar and sensor technology built into the frame. Aurai partnered with Physee to create a foundational data science strategy to fit their newly expanded business model.

The Power of Information

Physee’s steady supply of indoor environmental information allows building managers to improve operations, costs and energy use. Recently, the company expanded their services with Sense, which builds upon their technological solutions to apply holistic smart building principles. With the power of information, Physee’s Sense program collects and integrates environmental data to further improve the comfort of a building, generate energy savings, increase office employee productivity and raise the sales value of the property.

A Foundational Data Blueprint

One of our most experienced consultants was a perfect match to guide Physee in the best techniques for organizing and processing their data. Our senior consultant hosted multiple brainstorm sessions and meetings with stakeholders throughout Physee. At that point, Physee was still developing the strategy for the new program, so we integrated  the data project anticipating space between each session, so they could process the feedback, focal points and integrate them into the larger strategy. At the end of the project, we drafted an extensive final report to review all the technology and methods covered during the five-month project. This report is still the framework for the data science strategy of the new business model.

Better Data for a Better Way of Working

As a young scientific company, the people at Physee were already used to working with data. Our consultant helped them integrate the data into the expanded business model while maximizing the advantages and avoiding potential pitfalls. With the help of our consultant, Physee launched their new Sense program and can now process data to make buildings more sustainable, productive and comfortable.