Building Data Pipelines To Ensure Data Democracy

We worked in a short cyclical working method with VandeBron in a trilateral intensive collaboration to solve an acute data challenge. We served as an information bridge to help establish a collaboration between VandeBron and an external party. The collaboration necessitated sharing expertise and data, and our objectives included making relevant data points available to the external party. VandeBron came to us for a fresh perspective and more human and technological power. Tight schedules and hard deadlines were essential given the time constraints.

A Bridge Built in Sprints

We needed a structured, step-by-step approach that could deliver tangible results in a short time. First, we sought to understand the current situation. What is the history of this issue? What are the external party’s expectations? When are the project goals met? A clear understanding of the current situation ensures efficiency in the follow-up steps.
Based on those findings, we created a SCRUM planning process together. The working method had the following characteristics:

  • One-week sprints with specific deadlines
  • Each sprint includes a number of tickets, which have to be finished in the sprint. Each ticket has hours corresponding towards its completion
  • Each ticket is also given dependencies marked for feedback needed from the external party or Vandebron
  • Daily contact scheduled to discuss the sprint’s progress
  • Deliverables per sprint

Instant Data Architecture

By combining the input of the external party and VandeBron, we could make a realistic estimate of the prioritization, deliverables and time required per deliverable. We designed and developed the entire solution while incorporating the data team of VandeBron, so that they can keep this system running. Communication with the external party’s stakeholders was an important component of this project. The external party was continuously informed of the progress throughout the project and each step was also tailored to their needs.

Development by Feedback Loop

The implementation process went smoothly. We established specific goals at the onset and used our clear framework of the problem definition, the deliverables and the working method, which arose out of collaboration to fit VandeBron’s working practical operations.

The SCRUM method proved to suit both parties well. SCRUM gives us the opportunity to deal with any obstacles with speed and flexibility. The planning and development can be continually adjusted to reflect recent changes. In addition, it improved collaboration with the external party to maintain a unified view of the end result.

The application’s development went quickly, and connecting with the right people within the organization was easy due to Vandebron’s open and accessible culture. We found the opportunity to involve other areas of expertise for the project. For example, coordinating a privacy expert to ensure sensitive data was being handled properly.

A Sturdy Bridge Built on Data

The final application for Vandebron facilitated sharing large quantities of data with the external party and automating and coding this information. Vandebron can now focus on other projects without losing time in creating and sharing the data manually. The information sharing aspect of this project has provided a foundation of cooperation between VandeBron and the external party. Both parties are sharing their data expertise with each other to achieve mutual goals.