Data Science Course for Informed Financial Strategies

A partnership with Staan and Aurai seemed inevitable. Staan focuses on interim finance services & professional recruitment, much like Aurai and our professional data recruitment and services. Staan searches for the right candidates, trains them and deploys them to the right customers or companies. Their clients profit most when they receive experts familiar with the best recent financial data and trends. After all, there is no successful company without great people who make it work.

Data Science, Meet Finance

Staan offers masterclasses and personalized training for companies. They emphasize innovating while training, business demands should be met with professionals familiar with current markets and well informed to offer potent advice. All of these services require the most recent financial information delivered as quickly as possible. Data science is fundamental to collecting, organizing, visualizing and analyzing the daily changes in the domestic and international financial markets across multiple industries, information points and temporal scales. Every business controller or financial analyst will come into contact with data. Staan needed a program that could cover the data science concepts and applications required to dive deeper into the complexities behind market trends and options. 

Aurai had been specializing in applying the most recent data science and engineering for years through professional recruitment and training. We adopted our educational infrastructure to ensure Staan’s recruits carried the most relevant knowledge of data science to bring more value and informed advice to their clients. 

Reliable Information Systems Pedagogy

We routinely offer an intensive traineeship of two months in which our Mavericks are trained to become full-fledged Junior Data Scientists. Our mission was to develop a similar education program tailored towards Staan’s position in the finance world and elucidating the science behind their most important information. We worked with Staan to define the training outcomes, target audiences and students, and the program’s length and curriculum details.  

The masterclass we envisioned would offer between 10-14 hours (divided into 4 modules of 2.5 to 3 hours), aimed at experienced finance professionals and managers who increasingly work, or are interested in working, with data. The masterclass could empower them to identify problems, know what it takes to successfully start and complete a data science project from beginning to end that would better inform financial analysis and advice.  

Financial Data Bootcamp

With our goal clearly defined, we looked at how to cover the essential basics of data science in 4 different modules. To set the groundwork for the content, we had to articulate a topic, description, and the learning objectives for each module.  Once we had the overall shape, we could fit it with content. As with all of our projects, these steps involved an iterative process of developing, receiving and implementing the feedback and improving the design. We could effectively populate the modules with valuable and relevant subject content from our years of education and training programs dedicated to incorporating new technology to specific situations. Simultaneously, we ran a pilot program, which facilitated further fine-tuning of the modules. 

A Financial Course for the Future

Both the Aurai team and Staan have had their expectations exceeded with the masterclass in financial data science. This training program is now replicable and can continue to effectively develop data skill sets for professionals at a pace that makes their contributions to companies and clients all the more valuable.

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