Our Vision

Aurai is artificial intelligence optimized and applied for practical use and value. We define data, build it with architecture and process it with engineering to keep up with tomorrow’s technology. The machines simulate human intelligence; our experts ensure that intelligence makes your goals attainable. Together we develop solutions that provide better insights, optimize operations and automate processes. Your data, our engineering.

Well-Tuned Human Machine

For years, we have partnered with private businesses and public organizations, and worked closely with individuals to make their data solutions sustainable, specific and legible for anyone regardless of their data expertise. Our solutions cut to the chase and our professionals are excellent team members accustomed to collaborating in a horizontally structured organization where everyone is given the opportunity and support to give their best expertise and contribution. We are tight-knit but don’t call ourselves a family; we are a strong, well-tuned human machine. We are informal, we value a good work-life balance and we ensure work is approached with creativity and joy. At the same time, we are at all times engaging our partners and clients in continuous technological development and delivering quality results that maximize profits and operations.

Methodical Way of Working

Whatever quantity or type of data, our proven methodologies, technologies and project-management always deliver results that clarify operations, options, profits, costs, data lakes and insights over time. We offer myriad services, from customized training programs, to complex systems and large-scale project execution, always creating and implementing roadmaps that turn information into analysis and knowledge into power. You have data and a vision for it, our implementation review ensures objectives are met and will continue to produce autonomously.

Aurai’s Proposition Cycle

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our specialties range from BI to data engineering, data science, machine learning engineering, analytics translation and data architecture. We are learning by working, adapting our science and engineering to the world of our clients and applying new data structures as we create them. Each data project is driven by technical expertise, our embrace of creativity and a culture that integrates social and scientific competence joyfully while managing change.

Education: A Continuous Investment

Education is woven into the very foundation of our organization. Our constant development cycle adapts the latest developments in data technology to our advanced data programs and training. Our programs are a product of collaboration with the market and our customers, and continuous investment in the professional development and relevant skills of our employees. 

The Myth of Aurai: Bringing About Change

Mythologically, the Aurai (or Aura or Aurae) were demigoddesses of the northern ocean breezes, winds who brought change and announced the dawn of a new day. Those winds blow on our bike rides to our office in central Amsterdam, where we anticipate the change and promise tomorrow can bring. We are in motion and action, in constant collaboration to guarantee our training programs and methods prepare our customers to engage the future with the best advancements in data technology.